Grace Bible Fellowship Church




Grace Bible Fellowship Church's Youth Vibe is a dynamic youth ministry with devoted youth leaders who genuinely care about the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each young person who walks through the doors.

Our Message

The messages, which are presented each Friday night by our director, assistant directors, and other youth leaders, often lead to engaging and in-depth discussions, through which, our youth are provided with biblical answers to life’s most challenging questions: Is God real? How do I know if God really loves me? I’m I forgiven when I mistakes as a Christian? How do I deal with peer pressure? Should I have romantic relationships while I’m still in high school? As a Christian young man, is it okay for me to wear earrings? Is it okay for me to get tatoos? As a Christian young woman, how should I dress? All my friends are doing “IT,” why shouldn’t I? How do I deal with discouragement, anger, additions, abuse? How do I deal with the death of a parent or sibling? What faces me when I graduate high school?

Our Goal

Our primary goals are to first, to provide a safe space where teenagers can come and completely let their guards down. Second, to equip young people with the necessary tools that they need for the real world from a biblical perspective. Third and most jmportant, to challenge them to fully surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, and foster an unwavering and committed relationship with him.

Game Time Highlights!

Coupled with vibrant praise and worship, team building games, and a challenge to recite a new memory verse each week, GBF Youth Vibe is definitely the right place for a teen to be; especially in these last and perilous times. Youth Vibe for youths, every Friday at 7pm, for ages 13 – 18.


Join us at our Sunday Morning Worship Service @10:30am